Day 21, 5/24, Maxwell Camp, M-493, 28mi

It was another early 4:45am wake up call to beat the heat. Luckily, today wasn’t quite the inferno yesterday was. A decent breeze and some light wispy clouds made things more bearable.

This was a random sign at the top of one of todays climbs. If you zoom in you can see my man Jorge I met the other day has won this race 3 times in a row. Amazing to he can run 50 trail miles in 6.5 hrs!

This is Terrie Anderson a famous trail angel who visited while I was taking a siesta at the fire station. She even gave me a commemorative 2017 PcT hiker bandana.

There are a lot of charred trees in the mix.

In 40 trail miles there were only two water sources: the fire station hose and this seep in the side of the mountain. Needless to say, it was a popular stop on a hot day.

A little engineering to collect the water into a useful stream.

The elevation profile today looked fairly modest but was deceiving…6000′ of climbing !

This is a screen shot from my guidebook app. Users can post comments about what they come across. I like this one about the final water source of the day (needless to say I skipped the water here.

Although not quite sunset the intermittent cloud cover made a huge difference in the heat today!

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