Day 22, 5/25, HikerTown, M-517, 26mi

Today was considerably more comfortable …actually cold now and then when the wind kicked up!

Here are some clouds rolling over the ridge we were hiking across most of the day.

Mile 500 !

Hiking through a scrub oak section was rather unusual considering all the desert cactus and pine forests we have typically be traveling through

…and then a beautiful meadow.

All the super-size pine cones are impressive. This variety (Colter Pine?) are not only huge but have huge sharp-pointy barbs at the end of each petal.

After a 15 mile waterless stretch this was the next water supply…needless to say I skipped it for the following one a couple miles down trail. Dead bird water is a no-go regardless of how good my filter may be!

Loco an Bronco scooped some out as emergency water…not pretty!

Descending into the Mohave Desert.

Home for the night is Hiker Town…a well known Trail Angel’s on going project (a miniature faux western town).

A small cafe 5 miles away comes by every hour and picks hikers up in their van.

The cafe/convenience store filled with hungry hikers.

Sunset over Hiker Town

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