Day 27, 5/30, McIvers Cabin, M-644, 32mi

It was a very early start…I was hiking by headlamp just after 4:30am. The big bonus was watching the sunrise as I walked. This shot is the best of many that I took.

This is what it looked like about 30 minutes earlier.
The thin cloud cover helped keep temps in the low 80’s feeling pretty comfortable for a while.

A water cache about ten miles into this long waterless stretch (36 miles) was a welcome sight. It meant I could chug a liter on the spot and wouldn’t have to worry about rationing til perhaps later in the day.
I shaved the beard off the other day…going on 4 weeks is more than enough!

20 miles in trail angle Jim had his rig set up with plenty of sodas, beer and water to go around. It was Perfect timing to take a siesta during the hottest part of the day (1-3:30). Needless to say there would be no need to ration water today!
Folks were marking themselves comfortable

After 32 miles this cabin was home for the night.
(actually a camp spot just to the left).
And a gorgeous sunset to end the day just as it began.