Day 6, 5/9, Nance Canyon, M-140, 26mi

It was perfect hiking weather today. Considering that this area can typically be scorching, most of today was in the low 60’s. This was especially convenient because there’s a 35+ mile stretch with no water on trail and only two sources within a half mile. Needless to say these cooler temps make the water situation much less of a concern.

The trail passed through all sorts of terrain. From creeks with big trees to desert mountains with tons of cactus and agave (still trying to figure out how you squeeze the tequila out?). The area pictured below was an interesting (and random) boulder field.

Luckily, the trail skirted a nice path in between these monstrosities.

One of the water sources for the day was compliments of a trail angel named Mike who has a property just off the trail and gives hikers access to his water tanks.

He also lets you hang out under the covered porch on his house with pop and beer for sale.

Later in the day the trail had gained about 3000′ and the clouds rolled in with temps in the 50’s. If you zoom in you can see Mike’s water tanks on the right side and his house toward the middle.

Ominous clouds but no rain today.

Lots of delicate desert flowers poking out of the rocks.

The trail has been lined with many flowers I don’t know the names of…

I think these are my favorite 🙂