Day 10, 5/13 Whitewater Preserve, M-219, 26mi

After descending over 4000′ yesterday evening there was still another 5000′ to do this morning before reaching the desert floor.

Up above the desert floor coming down Fuller Ridge.

Another milestone…200 miles.

An oasis…shade under a rock and water. This is the first water on trail in almost 20 miles….and a water fountain no less (compliments of the local water district whose facilities are nearby).

A couple miles after the water fountain Trail Angel Coppertone was set up giving out rootbeer floats.

The not so pretty desert as we approach the I-10 underpass.

Trail magic again!

Soda, water, beer and fruit stashed under the bridge for hikers.

That is the mountain from last nights tent pic.

Trifecta! More trail magic compliments of the wind farm company…
Nothing glamorous, but we were very happy to have shade and water.

It was relatively comfortable in the 70’s today with a nice breeze but it still felt hot in these exposed environments. This stretch would have been brutal if it was in the 90’s as is typical.

Tonight I setup camp at the Whitewater preserve a nature center just off trail and very hiker friendly Flush toilets and running water!