Day 24, 5/27, Tehachapi, M-566, 17mi

A beautiful sunrise just before my 5:45am departure.

More beautiful high desert landscapes as we descend toward Tehachapi.

I find the whir of windmill farms relaxing. These giants are over 300′ tall !

Loco and Bronco cruising down one of the many smooth and well graded PCT descents.

Windmills as far as the eye can see.

We were greeted at the road crossing with some trail magic: cold sodas/beers and Dunkin Donuts.. Hiker Nirvana!

In case someone blindfolds your, spins you around and you get disoriented it’s nice to no which way to Canada 🙂

Crazy to think a short day is 17 miles. But it was a relaxed leisurely pace and the hiking was done by 1:15. The rest of the day was spent in the desert town of Tehachapi (one of the biggest towns we will be in for a long time…a Kmart). The Best Western where I stayed was inundated with Rockabillies descending into to town for a big weekend long event.

RIP Greg Allman (and Chris Cornell)