This blog is dedicated to my travel adventures, whether it’s backpacking, bicycle touring, canoeing or skiing.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. RE: photo of you sitting on log 4/22, barefoot while sweaty socks are airing out on log—
    what are you wearing around you calf area? Loved that wildflower scene. Did you ever
    hear of using paper tape (called surgical or medical tape at drugstores) wrapped over a
    part of your foot prone to blisters to prevent blisters? The big downside is that it’s not
    very sticky & peels away as feet sweat, but runners who used the tape in a study said
    they would use it again. After 200 miles run in 6 stages, very few of 130 runners developed
    blisters, this NYT article said.


  2. Sure enjoy all the photos to keep us posted about your experiences. That lodge might be the high point of luxury for an off trail overnight stay! I’d like to see a photo of what food sustains
    you B,L, & D. while hiking & camping. You must greatly look forward to trail opportunities
    to load up on food you can’t take backpacking. Was that (close to) 1/2 gal. of ice cream?


  3. Great problem solving for easing your foot pain! Now I hope your Achilles tightness stays
    under control! What was the terrain like for your 20 mile hike? I’m viewing the film based
    on Bryson’s book “A walk in the woods”– Redford & Nolte as hiking partners. (I see it in
    segments on the Nordic track) and I’m 1/2 way through the book “On the beaten path,
    an Appalachian Pilgimage” by Robert Rubin, so I’m trying to get some additional insight
    into this thru-hike experience. Love, Mom


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