Day 20, 5/23, Bouquet Canyon, M-466, 22mi

There was a lot going on today.
It started with a 4:45am wake up call to beat some of the heat.

This was just after sunrise while hiking out of the KOA Campground.

This is how we travel under the freeway…

It was pretty long and dark inside.

Then we meander through Vasquez Rocks State Park. I didn’t even realize the face-profile until after I took the pic.

This feature reminds me of Roxborough State Park in CO.

By 9am I was rolling into the town Agua Dulce…lots of hikers.

The town is home to a Hiker Heaven hosted by legendary trail angels (the Saufleys) for almost 20 years. Each tent has different services: phone charging, sewing repair, parcel shipping, etc

There must have been 50 hikers there.

The Tent city in the backyard. I just took a long mid-day siesta then headed back to the trail.

The Trail Angel house-dog likes napping among the cactus.

A gorgeous sunset was especially welcome because it was another smokin’ hot day. I left Hiker Heaven at 4pm and got cooked climbing up some exposed hillsides until 7 when the sun started to dip behind the mountains.

It kept getting better and…


I finally got to camp around 8:15 and was exhausted…mostly from the heat.

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