Day 16, 8/1, 12mi (M-357): Lake City

Today was a short day to Spring Creek Pass and then a hitch into the town of Lake City.

There was a short steep climb to get the day started then we rolled along Snow Mesa at 12,300’

Snow Mesa is quite impressive.

This would have been a terribly exposed place to be hiking if bad weather was coming through…instead it was bluebird morning.

More incredible views of this giant bench at 12,000’ +

I’m sure these trail markers come in very useful earlier in June or July when the snow is still melting…when the weather turns ugly.

The descent off the mesa was through this giant scree field.

It took about 45 minutes to get a hitch from the top of the pass for the 20 mile drive down the winding mountain road…at least we had some furry company.

Downtown Lake City in all its glory.

Albert and I shared this little cabin just off Main Street at the local RV park. Showers, laundry, wifi, and beds…perfect!

Tons of side by sides parked all over town…mostly from Texas.

Well earned food and drink with Albert and Sylvia (from Italy).

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