Day 20, 8/5, 26mi (M-452): Near Salt Crk Jct.

As I left camp I had a good view of one of the waterfalls that gives Cascade Creek its name.

Not sure the name of this peak…

If you zoom in on the right side you can see the very distinctive Lizard Head Peak.

It kind of looks like it’s giving you the Finger…

One last shot of the Lizard Head…

This is my homemade rain-cover…basically a giant shower cap (or condom).
It’s made of polycryo (window wrap), a shock-cord and some gorilla tape…weighs 1oz.

These are the kind of light fluffy clouds I like…much better than the dark angry ones!

Hard to believe I only have one more night!
There’s 33 miles left and could probably finish tomorrow but I figure I’ll stretch it out and have a nice easy morning into Durango on Tuesday.

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