Arrival Day, San Diego Sunshine

A couple days in sunny San Diego is a great way to gently ease your way out of civilian life 🙂 The PCT starts about an hour’s drive east of the city near a town called Campo.

This is a screenshot as I flew into to San Diego. The red line is the PCT and the actual trail was clearly visible on the ground throughthe plane’s window.

Hotel Z where I stayed offers free cruiser bike rentals (the main reason I chose the hotel). Cruisin’ through around Balboa Park and the impressive topiaries near the Zoo.

The very impressive rose gardens in Balboa Park (photo doesn’t do it justice!)

California is so progressive (and funny)…love it!

The famous Hotel Del Coronado.

Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach with everyone getting set up to watch the sun go down. FYI, when you are not on a cruiser bike Lyft in SD is awesome…it’s $5-$10 to go almost anywhere in town!

The sunset 🌅

Command Central

There’s always an endless list of things to do before one heads out of town for four months. I’ve been working away at that list for a couple months now and it reached a fever pitch over the weekend.

One of the last details was dropping off all my extra supplies and gear at Katy and Todd’s house, (who have graciously agreed to be my resupply command center) They will send me different things as I need them from gear and guidebooks to food and shoes. In order to remember everything I’ve left with them I’ve taken photos that i keep on my phone so I can always recall what’s available to be sent.
This is a picture of all my different shoe choices. I won’t use them all, but probably at least four pairs

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