Day 14, 7/30, 29mi (M-327): Cochetopa Creek

It was a beautiful blue sky day.

An hour into the morning the 300 mile mark was celebrated 🙂

There weren’t many water sources today and the few there were looked like this…plus lots of cow poop in the vicinity! Luckily, the creek was still running and I was able to fill up just before the mud puddle.

The rest of the day (15+ miles) followed dirt roads through ranch land. Mild temps and a breeze made this section bearable.

Followed this fence line for a while too.

Lots of cows to keep hikers company.

Albert is having a standoff with one of the braver ones..he thought it was a black moose.

Just before the end of the day we forded Cochetopa Creek on some sketchy logs. It would not have been a big deal to just walk through the ankle deep water.

We found a beautiful campsite on a bluff just above the creek…only spoiled by the fact we were surrounded by cow pies.

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