Day 19, 8/4, 24mi (M-426): Cascade Creek

The 9 miles to the Molas Lake Campground was fairly easy trail with one moderate climb out of the Animas River valley.

The weather cleared out overnight and the morning was clear skies.

The Durango-Silverton scenic train follows the Animas River. At just under 9000’ in elevation, this is the lowest point on the trail since around Mile 40.

The San Juan mountains are quite dramatic.

After stopping at the Molas Lake Campgrounds I decided to hitch the 6 miles down the mountain into Silverton for some breakfast. Then, around 12:30 I hitched back up to the trail.

A spectacular patch of wildflowers above Molas Pass.

Even with my 3.5hr detour into town I was able to make camp by 6:30 with the sounds of Cascade Creek to lull me to sleep.

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