Day 12, 5/15, Big Bear Hostel, M-266, 20mi

As long and hard as yesterday was, today was smooth sailing…other than the below freezing temps when I woke up. (My water bottles were frozen and so were my hands!).

The terrain was more rolling with gentle grades, which allowed for making good time. After 20 miles I reached the road crossing to hitch into Big Bear Lake by 1:30pm.

Clouds filling in the valley floor.

An odd site along the trail. Sadly these animals are caged and trained to be used in movies and TV shows. There are no longer wild grizzlies in CA

Another Poor guy all caged up. There were also lions tigers…even a white Bengal tiger.

Everyone’s favorite, Mt. San Gregorio.

Trail Magic! The local Hostel in town keeps this stocked with soda and snacks and a comfortable couch to relax on.

Apparently, they want you to step on the vegetation in California?

The rest of the day was spent in town doing laundry, shower, food, email, etc. With another cold forecasted night I was just to being inside.