Day 2, M-45, 26 miles

I was up early this morning so I could be hiking by sunrise at 5:30am and get some cooler miles before the afternoon heat.

Here are some of the dozen or so tents setup at the PCT hiker area of the campground as I left tho AM.

Surprisingly green in the desert.

The first Trail Magic! Lori and Dave (sorry if I got your names wrong, it’s been a long day). drove 60mi from San Diego and hooked everyone up with cold coke, Doritos and oranges…hiker bliss!

This is Swiftfoot, she’s 10 and hiking the all the way to Canada with her mom and grandpa!

The whole family.

Departing our trail angel hosts and rockin’ all my sun-gear.

The hiker family with their umbrellas deployed.

We gained about 4500′ today and am camped at 6000′. Out of the desert and into the mountains…temporarily!

Surprised they needed to pass an ordinance to address this.

A gorgeous sunset tonight just as I pulled into camp.