Day 4, M-93, 22 miles

I started hiking this morning at 6:15 after a rainy night. A double rainbow is always a good way to start the day!

I hiked about 6 miles before reaching Scissor’s Crossing where I hitched a ride into Julian, 12 miles up the road. This is baby Charlotte, her parents gave me a lift.

Julian, CA is a quaint old mining town that has a lot of pie shops. Yes, that’s snow…brr!

The best of the pie shops is Mom’s Pies… she gives out free pie, ice cream and hot chocolate to all PCT hikers. This is a couple I met who are also from Denver…they are so happy because they are about to eat free pie (and out of the cold and wet)

Luckily, the weather was better by the time I got back to the trail. Some on and off drizzle but good hiking temps, especially considering this can be a 30 mile waterless stretch in what is often blistering heat.

By the time I got to camp it had been drizzling for a while, but I was mostly wet from walking next to all the wet vegetation. Putting on warm dry clothes felt great, in addition to throwing a pair of “hot hands” inside my sleeping bag!