Day 19, 5/22, KOA Acton, M-444, 21mi

Only one word for today…HOT !

Things started off very pleasant with a beautiful sunrise.

Flowers were in full bloom lining the trail.

There was a great oasis at the
North Fork fire station with shade and picnic tables and $1 cold sodas. It was 10:45 when I arrived after 12 mikes and things were already starting to heat up. Those cold sodas tasted great.

Here are some hikers enjoying a siesta playing Yahtzee and eating Cheetos (a hiker favorite).

The next 8 miles was when it really started to heat up. There wasn’t a living thing over knee high where you could find shade (the whole area had burned several years ago). Luckily, my umbrella was there to the rescue. This is what I look like in 98 degree heat under the blazing sun. As they say, “you can’t spell suffering without an F-U-N”

I wish you could take a picture of the heat.
My raspberry-lemonade mix in my water tasted like hot tea 🙂

Thankfully, the worst of it only last about 2.5 hours before reaching the KOA Campground…paradise! There must have been 40+ hikers here.

Cold sodas, ice cream and a pool!

Around 7:00 look who rolled in…Locomotive and Bronco. They did a 30 mile day in the heat just for a cold soda and Ben and Jerrys.

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