Day 18, 5/21, Big Buck Camp, M-424, 28mi

It feels like I covered a lot of ground today both geographically as well as mentally. It seems like ages ago I left the funky little ski lodge this morning.

This is the sign at the ski lodge entrance. I hear they have a Facebook page if you want to check them out.

This is one of the signs that Dan our host put up to let hikers know they should stop by.

Another Milestone… 25+ miles per day they come pretty quick!

This was a fantastic late afternoon oasis…the backside of the Mill Creek wildland fire station.
Shade, water, picnic tables and power outlets. There must have been 10+ hikers there at one point.

The mountain desert view.

A great sunset from my campsite…

…and it gets better!
I even had phone signal in my tent πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Day 18, 5/21, Big Buck Camp, M-424, 28mi

  1. When u have a decent stop cAn you do a mini info blog on your gear? We need new sleeping bags. What kind is yours?
    How do u charge your phone? Extra portable charger?
    Is that a new tent? Cool looking!
    We just booked the routeburn for April 2018!


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