Day 17, 5/20, Buckhorn Ski Club, M-394, 25mi

A busy day on the trail…being that it’s Saturday and less than an hour from LA there were a lot of day trippers, weekenders and scout groups.

I’ve made a pretty good dent so far but 2277 miles to go is definitely an overwhelming number!

Luckily, someone recently mowed the trail 😉

On top of Mount Baden-Powell (~9500′)

Although difficult to see in this pic, the snow covered High Sierras are on the horizon. Facing the other direction I could easily see downtown LA and just about make out the ocean.

This is Jorge and his wife Marie who I chatted with while having lunch at a trailhead picnic table. Jorge did similar mileage to me today (25 miles) but he ran it in ~4 hours. Jorge was Ultra Runner of the Year in 2010.

A Buddy-Look-a-Like. His name is Spotty 🙂

These guys from LA offered me a nice cold 7-Up and a comfy chair while walking a short stretch along the road.

Home for the night was the Buckhorn Ski Club Lodge (more like a clubhouse). They literally flagged me down to make sure I knew I could stay there for the night.

The lift shack (a single rope toe).

Hanging out by the fire with our hosts Dan and Cooper the big puppy.

2 thoughts on “Day 17, 5/20, Buckhorn Ski Club, M-394, 25mi

  1. awwwwww, Spotty! He does look like Buddy. The lodge looks great! 373 miles. You are making great progress and seeing so much cool stuff! Do you know anyone in LA? Hopefully Goose is going to catch up with you somewhere along the trail!


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