Day 16, 5/19, Wrightwood, M-369, 23mi

A beautiful sunrise in Swarthout Canyon.

The trail climbed pretty much continuously all morning, gaining over 5000′

Pretty soon we were looking at snow covered peaks and even hiking through a couple small patches.

This is Bronco and Locomotive. They are from Boulder and left the day after me.

They hike so fast they are a blur!

Mount Baldy.

We finished the day at a ski area. I don’t think they are giving the PCT the respect it deserves… surely it can’t be the “Easiest” way down.

Crammed in the back of a truck while hitching into Wrightwood, CA.

Carefully extricating from the truck.

Thanks to Katy and Todd for getting my package to me on time 🙂

Home for the night at the “Bear with Us” Cabin.

Wrightwood is very friendly to hikers and everything is just a short walk in town.

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