Day 15, 5/18, Swarthout Canyon, M-347, 24mi

Today was not quite wilderness but not quite civilization. Most of the morning was spent hiking up and around Silverwood Lake (a reservoir) .The afternoon was spent staying cool and gorging at the I-15, Cajon Pass McDonald’s.

Sun rising over Silverwood Lake.

A little higher…

Simple pleasures are something to look forward to: bathrooms, running water and garbage cans (little Building on right).

Steep sandy cliffs dropping 1000+ feet with the Cajon Pass interchange in the distance.

The official PCT sign. Hikers have been chattering about this stop for days. The truth is, it’s almost a mandatory stop as the next water is the Guffy Campground 22 miles away and the previous water was close to 10 making it 30+ miles between on trail water if McDs is skipped.

There it is, the promise land!

Half the tables in the place looked like this…

I love how the kiosks display the calories you are ordering and remind you that a normal diet consists of 2000/day. I think by the time all the damage was done I put away 3000+ cals
Probably about 500 more than I should have.. I was feeling a bit Carbloated (new word mash-up)

A tremendous amount of freight traffic comes through Cajon Pass. I assume to and from the port of Los Angeles and then to Asia.
This is how we go under the tracks.

Home for the night…4 tents all lined up in a sandy wash, one of the few flat spots for miles.

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