Day 14, 5/17, Under the Dam, M-324, 29mi

Today consisted of a fun stop at the Deep creek hot springs and dodging the highly irritating Dog Poodle Bush which tends to overgrow the trail.

The temps were relatively mild but definitely started to feel hot in the areas with little shade in the late afternoon sun.

Sunrise near Holcomb Creek.

The first stop of the morning was a trailhead parking area that had trash cans, bathrooms and picnic tables…so civilized!

Passed the 300 mile mark. Yesterday I passed the 10% complete mark 🙂

This is Deep Creek and the canyon we hiked through for half the day.

A cool looking snake crossing the trail. I’m not sure what kind it is but definitely not poisonous.

Some hikers getting ready to go in the Deep Creek hot spring pool.

A bridge over Deep Creek…

not sure who painted it the rainbow colors?

The view as I ended the day and exited the canyon.

My campsite which is about 100yds from a large earthen dam. If you don’t see anymore posts it could mean something went wrong with the dam!

2 thoughts on “Day 14, 5/17, Under the Dam, M-324, 29mi

  1. amazing scenery! 300 miles! Woa! Seems like you are making very good time.
    We just booked the Routeburn for next April! Ages away but as you know it gets booked out early! We are ticking off the Great Walks of NZ slowly! We will be in the USA in December. I will book the New Years Eve camp and book you a bunk in our half of a cabin! Ok?


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