Day 55, 5/30: M-1011, Blackburn AT (18mi)

The morning started with this ominous sign:

The elevation profile…plus it was really rocky terrain:
Only occasionally did I get a decent view.

A big milestone today; 1000 miles completed.

This is the very cool Bears Den hostel owned by the ATC. It was a nice place to take a break out of the sun and meet some friends who drove from 2hrs away to hike with me!

My longtime friend Gus and his wife Christy hiked a great 7mike section of trail with me on a warm steamy day.

Yet another Milestone, Entering West Virginia.
The Blackburn AT center is owned by the ATC and very hospitable to Thru Hikers. There’s a fantastic screened in porch with lots of Adirondack chairs, a solar shower, cold sodas..what more could a hiker want?

How about a cute little cabin with free bunk space

3 thoughts on “Day 55, 5/30: M-1011, Blackburn AT (18mi)

  1. Hooray for 1000 miles! Great blogging, great photos, keep up the good work! You’re almost in my old neck of the woods now πŸ™‚


  2. Hey Dean! I finally got caught up on the blog. The pictures are fantastic and I just love reading about your trip! Now that it is being posted to my mail I can follow it “real-time”. We have had a great week in New York – fantastic weather and good times with all the cousins. We leave very early tomorrow out of Westchester and then Colorado, here we come! You know we will have to plan another trip when you are actually in town! We are looking forward to seeing Andrea though:-) Well, hike hard and have fun – you are amazing!


    • Hey Liz,
      Glad you were able to catch up on the blog (and like it πŸ™‚

      Must have been nice to be on home turf for a little bit. I’m totally bummed I will miss you all in CO?
      What day are you arriving in Frisco?
      (I’ll try to give you all a ring)

      Also, what day are you back in NY ?


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