Day 32, 5/7: M-556, Possum Crk (24mi)

  A beautiful morning with no fog. This is looking down into the valley that I-81 travels through.

  A historic one room school house next to the trail.

  We traveled through some rolling farmland part of the day.

  Made a quick stop in Atkins to resupply (drying out wet socks from 2-days ago).

  I also picked up the package that my Trail Angel, John, sent me with my lost cycling sleeves…he also through in a couple double size Snickers bars!! Trail Angels are the best.

  I probably climbed over 10 or more of these today to get over the barbed wire that keeps the cattle penned in. Maybe it should be a new Olympic event… fence-stile jumping.

  The first rhododendron in full bloom.

  It was amazing to realize I’ve completed 1/4 of the trail…and scary to think I still have 75% to go (1641 miles!).

  This heifer was blocking my way…she ran away prettyquick when I waived my poles.

  A couple short evening showers and some more meadow hiking.

  This is what’s left of the 5lbs of Seven Layer bars Katy and Todd sent me. I’d been meaning to take a pic for days but we kept eating them so fast Theyvwere gone by the time I remembered. I’m not sure of all the ingredients but I wouldn’t give it to young children unless you want them bouncing off the walls. My best guess is that they include: coconut, butter, sugar, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips?, sweetened condensed milk, graham cracker crust? They are a calorie and fat powerhouse ! Thanks Katy and Todd

For those who didn’t see this video of the blizzard on facebook:

FYI, Salty took a Zero day (day off=zero miles) in Marion to recover from our wet, cold snowy adventure. Hopeful he catches up when I resupply in a couple days.

Lastly, I really appreciate everyones comments and word of encouragement. I hope you can understand I have fairly limited internet access, and when I do I’m usually burning half my battery uploading my blog post on a windy ridgetop. I typically read emails I my tent righ before I fall asleep 🙂 I hope to be able to reply back when I’m in town with a power supply and a good signal.