Day 51, 5/26: M-927, Rock Spring Hut, (25mi)

Some great views to start the morning from High Rock Mtn.

I saw 3 separate black bears this AM. This pic is a screenshot from a video I shot. I will try to post it from town.
Far more terrifying than the back bears were these large rat snakes I walked under without realizing !

It’s nice to use the umbrella for the sun for a change.

The vista near the Meadows Camping area.

Gorging at one of the many Shenandoah roadside eateries.

Their famous Blackberry milkshake.

Lounging in the grass under a shade tree 20 miles into a 25 mile day.

Looks like it was shaping up to be a good sunset.

Home for the night…drying out my sweaty/smelly shirt from the gutter. It was a warm humid day…quite the change from a couple days ago.

Sunset from the shelter.

A cabin you can rent in the park (unoccupied tonight) made for good sunset watching and journaling location.