Day 34, 5/9: M-603, Jenny Knob Camp (24mi)

Today started with some morning Trail Magic. The shelter we stayed near last night had a notice that the local church has a “Hiker Feed” Monday mornings from 9-12 and they will pick us up at the road crossing 5 miles down trail. Needless to say we were there waiting and ready by 8:30. Five minutes later this car came by and whisked us 3 miles down the raid to the church.

This is Tough Love and Little Kiss who I’ve been leap frogging and hiking with since Hot Springs. We are loaded up to go to the church. Little Kiss (on right) actually stayed at the same lodge as me the night I flew to Atlanta and started hiking the same day. He’s almost 65 and cranks out some big miles!

Hikers Feeding in the church basement.

Everyone’s packs lined up outside the church (near Bastian, VA).

The ride back to the trailhead.

The rolling Blue Ridge Mountains

Trail Magic #2 today. Two thru hikers from last year who live in Mass were returning the favor.

An interesting sign…These nice folks provide the barrel for hikers to get rid of their trash.

We passed mile 600 today !