Day 36, 5/11, M-634.5, Pearisburg (13 mi)

Good bye to Woods Hole…thanks for protecting me from the crazy rain storm last night (it was like a fire hose). I had a well earned massage before my departure to help my back and body.

A pano from the Blue Ridge

A Blue Ridge Selfie

A hitch into the town of Pearisburg to resupply…he even offered to loan me his car for the next two days if I needed it !

“Little Kiss” (his last name is Bucino…Italian for little kiss) hanging out at our palace for the night. I know what you are thinking…”indoors two nights in a row!” A practical solution to get all our town chores done efficiently, plus a reward for 155 miles completed in the previous 7 days.
Our “Holiday Lodge” across from the Food Lion…life could not be easier!

LK gave himself a haircut with some kids craft-scissors and a razor (look at his head in mirror). I recommended he wear a hat whenever hitching a ride.

The best part of my resupply box, Andrea’s Bug Juice art 🙂