Day 55, 5/30: M-1011, Blackburn AT (18mi)

The morning started with this ominous sign:

The elevation profile…plus it was really rocky terrain:
Only occasionally did I get a decent view.

A big milestone today; 1000 miles completed.

This is the very cool Bears Den hostel owned by the ATC. It was a nice place to take a break out of the sun and meet some friends who drove from 2hrs away to hike with me!

My longtime friend Gus and his wife Christy hiked a great 7mike section of trail with me on a warm steamy day.

Yet another Milestone, Entering West Virginia.
The Blackburn AT center is owned by the ATC and very hospitable to Thru Hikers. There’s a fantastic screened in porch with lots of Adirondack chairs, a solar shower, cold sodas..what more could a hiker want?

How about a cute little cabin with free bunk space