Day 56, 5/31, M-1023, Harpers Ferry, (14mi)

A beautiful mornings walk to Harper’s Ferry, WV

This is a trench used in battles from the Civil War.

Crossing the Shenandoah River…our lowest elevation yet (~350′)

Welcome to historic Harpers Ferry…

Home of the Appalachian Trail Conference, where they take pictures of all the Thru Hikers that come by for a visit (most do).
and then they include you in their book of all the hikers for the year They have these books dating back 25 years (in Polaroids). When I left Springer Mtn. I was around thru-hiker #2700 for the year. Now I’m #394 that’s made this far.

The historic lower town and the site of the historic fight with the famous abolishinist John Brown which was essentially the beginning of the Civil War.

Home for the night at the Towns Inn Hostel. The building is from 1847.

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