Day 45, 5/20: M-831, Crabtree Falls CG (25mi)

Finally, a clear morning!

Blue Ridge Balds

Such a treat to get views after so many days of fog

Crabtree Falls was impressive…more of a cascade as it drops ~1500′

The last set of falls

The incentive for doing a long day even while feeling under the weather was option to stay warm and dry at the Crabtree Creek Cabins (big rain was in the forecast overnight).

LK was kind enough to take the “captains loft” so I could sleep on the main level bed, allowing for a quick escape to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I felt significantly better today than yesterday but I was still lacking energy and had minimal appetite. I toughed it out all morning and finally got some food down at a late lunch. After that things went much better. I figured I had consumed maybe 1500 calories in two days (48 miles) instead of my normal 8000.

The main reason for pushing so far today was to stay at Crabtree Falls Campground cabins. They are very hiker friendly, plus it was supposed to pour tonight. After my last couple days I needed a reward. LK was nice enough to hike with me all day today (7am-7:30pm) at my sluggish pace.

One note I didn’t mention yesterday…
the 800 Mile mark was passed!