Day 46, 5/21: M-842, Reids Gap-brewery (11mi)

It was great to sleep in, especially since we were warm and dry inside and It rained pretty hard last night. The river in front of the cabin was flowing like chocolate by morning. I was feeling better but very happy to have an indoor bathroom nearby that didn’t require a 200′ climb in the middle of the night.

We departed about noon and immediately crossed this cool suspension bridge over the Tye River.

The clouds came rolling up the valley as we did our 3000′ climb. I definitely did not have my energy back…I was dragging and legs were heavy

Some beautiful unidentified flowers.

Just as we were about to set up camp for the night some day hikers offered to give us a ride to the Devils Backbone Brewery 5 miles off trail. So we hiked another couple miles to Reids Gap and piled into the Honda Civic.

Jeff and his son Andy were great trail Angels and bought us tons of food and drink. My appetite wasn’t quite back but was getting better.

The Brewery was a huge complex with several outdoor fire pits. They even let hikers camp on their property and had outdoor bathrooms for our use.

Although I was able to get some calories in me I wasn’t feeling great by the time I went to bed (too much food/drink?). I’m looking forward to getting to Waynesboro tomorrow…about 19 miles on relatively modest terrain. The plan is to take a full well earned rest day on Monday.

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