Day 47, 5/22: M-861, Waynesboro (19mi)

If you look closely at the tree line you can see a bunch of little tents lined up. This is about 100yds from the brewery.

The road back up to the trail was little lonely at 7am on a Sunday. After about 10 cars (45mins) we caught the 5 mile ride back.

We hiked right back into the clouds.

Ever so briefly we got an opening in the clouds, and then the rain came, and the mud.

Just to give you an idea of what the guide book looks like… in bold on the right is the mileage completed Northbound. On the far right is the elevation, and the squiggly line is the elevation profile.

Looking forward to a full days rest in Waynesboro!

7 thoughts on “Day 47, 5/22: M-861, Waynesboro (19mi)

  1. It was NOT easy to figure out that you’re in Virginia. Nice job!!! So, that means you’re about to go into Shenandoah National Park! If you look really hard, you can see my footprints from 10 years ago. Also, watch out for the park rangers — we got a $50 camping ticket that weekend (tenting too close to a side trail, that we didn’t know was there… oops).


  2. Yes it definitely sounds like after these last few days of not feeling well that you deserve a zeroday. Hope to be seeing you in a week or so.
    Christy and Gus


      • Unfortunately no REI or similar close by, but Gus can take you to Cabela’s which is @ an hour from here when you arrive. When does it look like you will be getting to Harpers Ferry and then Pine Grove? We are planning on doing a hike in Harpers ferry on the 30th and we were thinking that might be close when you are there for us to possibly meet up. If not Gus just wants to get an idea when you will be here so he can take off work. See you soon.


      • I would guess arriving in HF on Wed after Mday. Will be in Front Royal this Sat and it’s about 70 more mile from there.

        Perhaps I will order shoes and have them sent?

        Sent from my iPhone


      • If you want to order shoes and have them sent to our house that is fine w us. 107 Lee Ann Ct, Enola, PA


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