Day 43, 5/18: M-782, Matts Creek, (23mi)

Woke up to fog…again!

I heard the Blue Ridge Parkway area has really good views. This “haunted woods” thing is cool but starting to get old 😦

There’s a giant FAA tower just up the way which normally has incredible views. At least it’s not raining !

This is known on the guillotine

The rhododendrons like the water

By late after noon the clouds started to lift and we got a couple views.

Moondog looking a bit concerned about the Flash Flood warning sign on our shelter tonight.

My body seems to be holding up well considering the big miles. My heels still get a little tight toward the end of the day. I think my boots are losing some of their impact resistance…I’m feeling more rocks through the bottom then I used too. My only troublesome issue is a muscle in my back. It seems to tighten up every afternoon and I’m not sure why…it’s not pack weight. Maybe some more massage therapy in Waynesboro or a chiropractor

Here’s some more trail wisdom:

Lots of Cheese might get you to Maine, but Whine definitely won’t.

This one was written on the shelter wall (not family friendly)…
If the Trail was easy it would be your mom

I did an SNL version of this (think jeopardy w/ Will Ferrell and the Sean Connery character).

The AT is rough, just how your mother liked it last night Trebek.

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