Day 42, 5/17: M-559.5, Bryant Ridge, (22mi)

This is last nights shelter at 7am, not much brighter than last nights pic (from all the rain this morning)

The rhododendron are peaking in some areas.

We cross the Blue Ridge Parkway numerous times over the next 100 miles. Unfortunately, the views were obscured today.

Hiking below an old Parkway retaining wall

More obscured views.

Hiking through the rhododendron.

Haunted forest scene

Home for the night, the two story Bryant Ridge shelter. It rained on and off most of the day, but warmer than last time (~55 degrees)

So the difference in mileage most days between the AT mile markers and my actual distance is from hiking off trail (1/3 mile to a shelter etc). Today’s difference is from what every thru hiker dreads…hiking the wrong direction. There is about 50yds of side trail to the shelter. When I arrived last night I was a bit distracted, And when I left this morning in the rain I was fiddling with some rain gear. Even though I consciously looked at the trail and the white blazes I chose the wrong direction and it was 1/2 a mile later at a creek that looked familiar thy I realized my mistake 😦 So, one mile and 20 minutes later I was back at the shelter finally starting my northward progress… again!

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