Day 36, 5/11, M-634.5, Pearisburg (13 mi)

Good bye to Woods Hole…thanks for protecting me from the crazy rain storm last night (it was like a fire hose). I had a well earned massage before my departure to help my back and body.

A pano from the Blue Ridge

A Blue Ridge Selfie

A hitch into the town of Pearisburg to resupply…he even offered to loan me his car for the next two days if I needed it !

“Little Kiss” (his last name is Bucino…Italian for little kiss) hanging out at our palace for the night. I know what you are thinking…”indoors two nights in a row!” A practical solution to get all our town chores done efficiently, plus a reward for 155 miles completed in the previous 7 days.
Our “Holiday Lodge” across from the Food Lion…life could not be easier!

LK gave himself a haircut with some kids craft-scissors and a razor (look at his head in mirror). I recommended he wear a hat whenever hitching a ride.

The best part of my resupply box, Andrea’s Bug Juice art 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 36, 5/11, M-634.5, Pearisburg (13 mi)

  1. There are many great photos of you on this blog, and this “selfie” with the Blue ridge scenery
    is one of the tops; I’ll have to get directions if it’s possible to get prints of some of these.
    Glad you got a convenient massage! I hope the beneficial effect lasts at least a few days.
    I’m so pleased to read that you’ve been in shelters when some bad downpours occurred.
    One hiker wrote in his book on the AT, “After 500 miles the trail becomes a beloved
    adversary!” Let’s hope your luck and judgment in being sheltered from a storm continues, so you can gain the upper hand with this “adversary.” (However, it seems there will be no
    way to avoid the many miles of relentless (sharp) rocks & boulders in PA. that this writer
    described.) I hope you can stay at the Bears Den Hostel shortly before you get to Harpers
    Ferry. It’s a stone mansion from 1933 and was praised as the most comfortable & elegant
    on the hike.


  2. Deano-
    So cool you are heading up the trail. Sorry to miss you in NC. Now that I have your website, will look forward to your posts along the way. Be safe and have a blast!
    Joe Whitehouse


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