Day 35, 5/10: M-623.5, Woods Hole (22mi)

A quiet camp spot on he pine needles next to a creek.

This box turtle greeted me I the trail today.

  An awesome suspension bridge over Kimberling Creek.
…a bit bouncy.

Dismal Falls…a great swimming hole on a hot day!

Home for the night…

  They grow a lot of their own food.
Resident ducks

Nap time

Resident Dog

 liked this Trail Boss sign from the other day.

Today was a 22 mile day with a tough, hot afternoon climb but I made it to Woods Hole by 4:30. Neville, the proprietor is also a massage therapist, so i booked her services for the morning to work on some muscle discomfort in my back.

3 thoughts on “Day 35, 5/10: M-623.5, Woods Hole (22mi)

  1. Hey, this is from Barbara & George, way back from Fontana Dam Resort. We are following you and Salty every day. It is so exciting . Makes us deal younger . How is Salty doing?



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