Day 77, 8/11, Tacoma Pass, M-2361, 30mi

A solid, but uneventful, day of hiking. Although, Hot Fudge and Darth Vada did manage to get ahead of me without anyone realizing it for some time. I had been just off trail filling up water at a spring and then took a 45min siesta by the junction and was surprised they hadn’t caught up to me. A little later I stopped at a cabin and took a lunch break and another siesta…they still hadn’t caught up. Finally, in the afternoon at the last water for a 12mi stretch I saw Hot Fudge. She was as confused as I was as to how they got ahead of me. Apparently, they walked by me while I was getting water at the first spring.

A ball of fire rising above the mountains around 6am.

This public cabin was a great place for lunch and a siesta.

An odd picture I took of Hot Fudge walking away from me…her baseball hat hanging off the back kind of makes it look like she’s walking toward me.

Unfortunately, there were no lakes to swim in today 😦 but It looks like I should be able to set it up to camp near a nice looking lake tomorrow.

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