Day 84, 8/18, Glacier Peak View, M-2503, 30mi

The weather was all over the place today. From cold fog to warm sun. It never really rained but we got a bit wet from hiking through the clouds at the end of the day.

Sunrise from camp.

The clouds rolling in…

and unfortunately, obscuring our views.

Lots of marmots and pikas (no pics) playing in the rocks. Can you find the two marmots?

Glacier Peak peeking out of the clouds.

DV about to get eaten by a giant boulder.

We had a relaxing lunch break at Sally Anne Lake.

Here I am hiking into the mist.
The clouds lifted with incredible views of the green valley below.

Then we were back in the clouds for the rest of the day.

Some last remaining snowfields as we descended off the ridge toward camp.

Hopefully, the clouds will lift by morning because we are basically staring at Glacier Peak but see nothing.

There was a fair amount of climbing today… ~6500′ most of it was well graded which made it manageable. Tomorrow will be about 9000′ of climbing…we’ll see how it goes 🙂

Day 83, 8/17, Near Janus Lake, M-2474, 26mi

It was kind of an odd day. We hiked 15 miles without stopping because DV and I both had resupply boxes waiting at he Stevens Pass ski area and we excited for some food/drink at the grill. After a 3.5 hour break we did another 11 miles without stopping to our camp. Somehow we climbed 6500′ in the middle of all that. We hiked through both misty clouds and bright sunshine…a bit of everything today except rain 🙂

DV enjoying the view of one of the many alpine lake with the clouds rolling up the valley.

Washington has had a number of these signs in random places in the woods. Might have to check that out tomorrow.

The emerald color of these lakes is stunning.

We got to the Stevens Pass ski area just before noon.

This side route off the PCT ( to the lodge) is known as the Hamburger Trail.

We had a beautiful evening hike but were a bit jealous of this campsite several hours before we were ready to end our day.

Our site wasn’t so bad though 😉