Day 80, 8/14, Issaqua, M-2391, 10mi

In true Zero Day fashion I tried to minimize activities for the day (I’m not very good at this). I had gotten laundry and some other chores done yesterday which helped, but somehow by the end of the day my fitness tracker said I’d walked 10 miles ! Still, it was a relaxing day and I feel well rested 🙂

Stopped by the local favorite, XXX Rootbeer Diner
My favorite license plate hanging at the diner.

The Sunset over Lake Sammamish

Day 79, 8/13, Snoqualmie Pass, M-2391, 10mi

It rained a bit last night and our 6am departure was cool and damp.

It didn’t really rain this morning, mostly just mist. Although, we did get wet from all the brush.
This is our final descent under the ski lifts to Snoqualmie Pass.
Darth Vada’s Mom and Dad who live in the Seattle area met her at the Pass and treated us all (Hot Fudge) to breakfast at the Summit Pancake house!

We had a great time hiking together for the last week but now we go our separate ways… Hot Fudge (on right) was doing some more miles that afternoon. Darth Vada was taking a day off at home and I was going to take my first Zero of the trip. DV’s mom was nice enough to give me a lift into Issaquah on their way home.