Day 78, 8/12, Mirror Lake, M-2383, 20mi

Today was the first time I’d seen rain on the trail in over two months! It only lasted 20-30 minutes but the air was cool with low clouds until mid-day.

We left camp from down in the valley and climbed up through the clouds.

Huckleberries were prime picking along much of the trail today.

Darth Vada filed up half a water bottle…


 …then had some with crackers an PB to spice up her lunch.

After a two hour siesta at Stampede Pass with a crew of three German hikers joining us, the sun finally started to break out.

The afternoon turned into a beautiful day with temps in the upper 60’s. Hot Fudge and Darth Vada are enjoying the wildflowers and the view. 

Much of the trail was just as I’d expect Washington to be, lush! Here I am filling up water from a mossy cascade. Notice the giant leaves above my head…they are the size of placemats!

We called it short day after arriving at this beautiful campsite by Mirror Lake. It might look like Darth Vada is doing yoga…she’s actually holding her phone up trying to get better reception.

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