Day 86, 8/20, Agnes Creek, M-2757, 28mi

When we broke camp at 6:00 it was definitely chilly…probably the low 40’s. We were camped ~6000′ which is pretty high in the northern cascades. Around 7000′ you start to have glaciers on some peaks. The day was basically broken into two parts…a long descent (9mi) and then a long climb (11mi). Most of the day we were in the trees without a lot of views but there was some very impressive old growth forest we hiked through that made up for it. There was also a big milestone today…2000 MILES completed ✅. Only 660 more to go.

Sunrise from camp.

DV trying to hug a giant tree in an incredible stand of old growth forest.

An impressive bridge over Suiattle Creek. We had a mid morning siesta on the bridge because it was so nice and sunny out in the open after being buried in the coolness of the trees all morning.

Towards the top of our afternoon climb we had our last view of Glacier Peak.

Our evening descent toward Agnes Creek.

The bridge over Agnes creek had been washed out…giant trees to the rescue.

Tomorrow we will descend the final 12 miles to get to the tiny settlement of Stehekin and assess for ourselves whether or not their infamous bakery is up to the challenge of hungry hikers.

Day 85, 8/19, Dolly Vista Camp, M-2529, 26mi

We woke up in the clouds this morning and no views of the giant peaks surrounding us. It was damp but not raining and temps in the 40’s. There was a lot of climbing (and just as much descending), over 9000′ by the time the day was done. Many of these were 300O’ at a time.

Morning cascade.

There were quite a few blow downs to navigate.
Darth Vada getting low.

Luckily, there is a bridge to cross the White Chuck River, even if it is a bit compromised.
Tons of berry pickin’ along the trail.
DV filling up water at a gorgeous cascade.

Then there were the switchbacks.

This is a view across the valley of what we will soon be climbing.

Alpine lakes never get old 🙂

One of the many backcountry toilets #DeuceWithaView

Finally the clouds cleared with an incredible view of Glacier Peak.

We camped with some nice folks climbing some of the nearby peaks for the weekend.

Sunset from camp.