Day 76, 8/10, Piped Spring Camp, M-2331, 29mi

Another fantastic day!

There was a 2000′ climb in the AM with great views of lakes…

and the many ranges to the South we had already hiked through.

And then…Mt Rainier!

The haze and finally lifted and we were the closest we will get to this big one on the PCT, cutting through a corner of Mt Rainier National Park.

Darth Vada hiking through the wildflowers.

These remind me of Dr Seuss characters.
Hot Fudge and Darth Vada enjoying a lunch time dip and a siesta at Anderson Lake.

We ran into lots of day hikers enjoying the many lakes on our descent to Chinook Pass.

On our way up to Sheep Lake we passed by three dads with their 7 kids (ages 4-9) and grandma and grandpa doing a 2 night camping trip.

We renamed the lake Chaos Lake…it was a gear explosion with kids running everywhere.
Two of the four year olds excited to go swimming.

A very quiet campsite next to the spring.

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