Day 91, 8/25, Manning Park, M-2660, 16mi

It was an exciting morning knowing we’d be reaching Canada in just a couple hours. It was also fairly cold…not below freezing, but a damp biting chill.

He we are packing up from our last campsite.

This is our first sighting of the Border… It’s the swath cut through the trees.

…and here I am at the actual Border Monument.
(swath cut seen under Canadian flag)

Me and Darth Vada.
Here’s another dude, sporting the Stars and Stripes. The stretchy tights were cached in the metal obelisk (on the right) for anyone’s use.
It was about 9 more miles to civilization in Manning Park. The last several miles were on a dirt road.

Here’s a selfie with DV photo-bombing…kind of looks like I have a some weird horns on my hat.

We hung out at the Manning Park lodge for a while (wifi and drinks). I also made a sign to help my 200km hitch to Vancouver. I got a ride pretty quick to a town called Chilliwack an hour West… where I caught a Greyhound an hour later the rest of the way to Vancouver.

The AC on the bus crapped out, but the skylight was open and the wifi was working so all was good.

Some old friends from Denver, who live in Vancouver picked me up and I stayed with them (thanks Dave and Christine)…
…after stopping for some delicious Ice Cream.