Day 75, 8/9, Snow Lake, M-2302, 19mi

The day started with a moonrise over Old Snowy Mtn.

After hiking up and out of the woods we had great views looking back from the direction we had come from.

To the north we had one of the clearest views yet of Mt. Rainier.

After crossing a divide we started our descent toward White Pass. You can just make out Mt. Rainier popping up on the horizon.

We made it to the highway and the Kracker Barrel convenience store by 9am. There was a small collection of hikers there. We spent half the day eating, charging batteries, organizing resupplies for the next 100 mile stretch.

This is Hot Fudge showing off her resupply goodies.

Around 3:00 we headed back out and made a short stop at Sandy Lake for a swim. The water was wonderfully warm.

This is a pic from the other day on the Knifes Edge…I’m in the front. .

We got into camp at Snow Lake around 7:00…not bad considering we hung out for 6 hours doing chores then went for a swim.

Snow Lake 🙂

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