Day 74, 8/8, Hidden Springs, M-2284, 26mi

Today was a spectacular day of hiking! The scenery was stunning from wildflowers to waterfalls, views of Mt Rainier and hiking the Knifes Edge next to Old Snowy Mtn.

A view back towards Mt. Adams on horizon.

My model for the day, Hot Fudge, checking out the peaks in the Goat Rocks Wilderness area.

The trail crosses directly in from of this waterfall (on boulders at bottom of pic).

Stunning !

Darth Vada trekking across a remaining snow field.

We came across some folks on horses out for the day. The horses didn’t mind the snow at all.

Horses have to drink too.

They offered us some Washington apples 🍎…yum!

The first view of Mt. Rainier.

Old Snowy Mtn in the background.

Hiking the knifes edge.

Panorama of the Knifes Edge and Old Snowy Mtn.

Not sure why the last three days have all ended at 26mi…a marathon a day keeps the Dr. away ?

One thought on “Day 74, 8/8, Hidden Springs, M-2284, 26mi

  1. Hey there. Found your blog and shared it with a few friends. Was an awesome place to encounter new friends. Great picture of the boys (Nick, Booker and Tobi – the horses).


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