Day 73, 8/7, Random Creek, M-2258, 26mi

Washington finally started living up to its reputation today…Incredible views of Mt Adams and miles of meadows and wildflowers.

Mt. Adams is a very impressive glacier covered peak just south of Mt Rainier. Unfortunately, the haze is still obscuring the views.

Even more impressive than the colors was the wonderful smell (way better than me).

Lots of creeks and cascades coming down the mountain.

Another view of Mt. Adams.
Nothing to add…
That glacier melt water was rather silty…not great for the filter.

An epic Washington meadow.

Climbing the 12,000′ Mt Adams is a full on mountaineering endeavor similar to climbing Mt. Rainier…not part of this adventure 🙂

This turned into a popular campsite because it’s the last water and easy camping before the Goat Rocks Wilderness area.

I got into camp at 5:30pm which is one of the earlier days I’ve had. It wasn’t quite as relaxing as I might have liked because the bugs were doing their thing. Luckily, DEET did its job so I wasn’t forced to spend the whole evening in my tent. I made a couple minor repairs, cleaned my legs and feet in the creek, wrote in my journal and finished the blog. I even had time to read some of the NYT on my phone 🙂

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