Day 11, 5/14, Coon Creek Cabin, M-246, 28mi

Some days are long, some days are hard, and some days are long and hard. Today was the latter…28mi and 7500′ of climbing. Part of the reason for the longer day was that the end of the day was through a recent fire burn area so there are not too many safe camping areas (dead trees could fall on you), so I pushed to get to a camping area next to a USFS cabin.

Last nights campsite as I departed just after sunrise.

Not sure what kind of flowers these are that I see often. The blooms are large (4-5″ across)…desert Lilly?

Mt. San Jacinto which I summited two days ago.

Prickly Pear cactus blooms.

Mt. San Gregorio in the setting sun…the highest peak in SoCal (11,500′).

An evening rest break.

Camping at Coon Creek Cabin. A chilly evening back up at over 8000′

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