Day 8, 5/11, Idyllwild, M-168, 21 mi

Last nights accommodation as I departed at 5:45 this morning…a cute little place just a couple blocks from the middle of town.

Due to a fire from several years ago there is still a trail closure for several miles and the re-route allows us to come back into Idyllwild. I hitched back to the trailhead and hiked the next 15 miles and then had to detour off trail.

Sleepy Idyllwild at 6:00am.

A blue sky day with some purple desert wild flowers.

These little flowers were everywhere today.

Views toward Palm Springs below.

If you look at the selfie closely, by my right ear (left side) you will see the corner of my sit-pad on top of my pack. When I stopped at lunch…no sit pad! This pic helped me narrow down where it got lost. I left a note on piece of paper on the trail for others to keep an eye out and text me if they found it. It’s been Found and I’ve been texted! Hoping to reunite tomorrow 🙂

Longhorns enjoying the view.

Idyllwild locals are always happy to give hikers a ride into town!

The State Park campground in town has $3 campsites for hikers and $1 showers. Here are three of the 15+ tents in the hiker area.

One thought on “Day 8, 5/11, Idyllwild, M-168, 21 mi

  1. Those little flowers that seemed to be everywhere look like a type of phlox that bloomed
    here a few weeks ago. Glad you got your sit-pak back. It’s amazing to realize that
    you’re going to hit 200 miles at this point! What a great break to be able to hike in
    cooler than expected weather compared to the more typically heat-intense trail sections.
    Your photos & comments are such a great way to share a bit in this life-time adventure!
    Love, Mom


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