Day 5, Warner Springs, M-115, 22 miles

It was great to wake up to clearing skies as the bad weather moved out last night. I gave myself a little treat when I went to bed…a pair of hand warmers in my sleeping bag! The best part was they were still warm when I started hiking at 6:15 and I used them in my gloves for a couple hours

Last night’s campsite just before I departed this morning. .

Some of the snow we got clinging to the higher elevations.

The first 100 miles completed!

This was a fantastic water source piped out of a spring (no floating bugs to worry about!)

We missed the superbloom in the Anza Borrego desert by a couple weeks..still pretty 🙂

Some remnant “blooms”.
The famous Eagle Rock…I just got lucky there was a hiker with an American flag on his pack to complete the picture.

The tiny town of Warner Springs has a community center dedicated to helping hikers as they travel through: bathrooms, water, wifi, snacks, and lots of helpful volunteers.
Here’s a happy hiker enjoying a $1.00 epsom salt foot bath.

A @cow showdown”…he gave me the stink-eye then moved out of my way.

Home for the night next to the Agua Caliente Creek.

The weather was just about perfect today. The sun was out with temps in the low 70’s. Time for bed now!

One thought on “Day 5, Warner Springs, M-115, 22 miles

  1. What a great start to your blog and this new hiking journey! You have a great knack for taking photos that highlight your day’s experiences along with memorable comments!
    What was the low temp. that prompted use of the hand-warmers? (Used on the AT also?)
    So glad you are feeling strong from the get-go & are giving your trail shoes a lot of credit!
    Did you have one of Mom’s pies? I wonder if you’ll ever meet such a generous cafe owner again! “”Eagle Rock”” photo was very impresssive!


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