Day 0, Trail Angel Bob

This is my last day of civilian life for a while (i.e. regular access to bathrooms, showers, clean drinking water, etc.). There is a fantastic trail angel in San Diego named Bob that has been hosting hikers every year since 1999 and shuttling them to the trailhead about an hour from his house. He promises an early departure so we can start hiking in the desert at first light.

This is Bob’s house. There are about 6 other hikers here and four of us are heading out tomorrow.

There’s a great view and even a pool!

But the best part of the stay has to be Millie the cuddly golden retriever.

A lot of people have asked me if I’m “nervous”. Not really 🙂 Even though I plan to be gone for 4+ months and will hopefully hike 2650+ miles, the only way to get ones head around a trip like this is to break it up into manageable chunks. It’s is essentially a series of 3-5 day backpacking trips between resupply points and I rarely think ahead more than the next resupply location or two. My first resupply is just two days in at the Mt. Laguna PO. Then 4 days after that at I will be in Warner Springs and then a couple more days to the town of Idyllwild for a shower and some laundry. Do that a couple dozen times and I’ll be in Canada!

Time to go to bed…we are heading out at 4:45 tomorrow for the trailhead at the Mexican border (Campo, CA).

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